Emergency Services

Fire Companies
Three fire companies provide protection for Rapho Township. They are Mastersonville Fire Company, Fire Department Mount Joy, and Manheim Fire Company.

Fire Company Service Areas
Mastersonville Fire Company (shown in red) serves the northwestern corner of the township. The Fire Department Mount Joy (shown in green) serves the portion of the township outlying Mount Joy Borough, the lower end of the township and portions of the township located west of Esbenshade Road. Manheim Fire Company (shown in blue) serves the east central portion of the township. 

Fire Department Coverage Map
 Fund Raising
The ambulance services, fire companies, and fire police are made up of citizens who live in our community and who volunteer as ambulance personnel, fire fighters, and fire police. While Rapho contributes to each of the fire companies and ambulance services, it is not enough to pay for all the equipment and training needed. Each of these organizations has several fund raisers during the year such as sub sales or pancake breakfasts. In addition, the fire companies solicit funds once a year through a direct mail fund raising drive.

Our community is made stronger and safer through the efforts of our volunteers.  We urge you to support them.