Trash / Recycling Collection

        Information Concerning Trash Service with Penn Waste

  • Recycling is unlimited, and includes a 25-gallon recycling container. 
  • Trash is limited to three 32-gallon bags or containers of trash or one 96-gallon container of trash per week. A 96-gallon container is not included in this service. 
  • The cost is $53.50/quarter or $214.00/year. If paid in full at the beginning of the billing year, there is a $10 discount, which is $204.00/year. Our billing year runs from July 1 – June 30. 
  • You may call the Township Office at any time to be signed up for service. If you choose to enroll in this service, your property will be enrolled in the Municipal contract until it is sold. 
  • The list of permitted trash haulers for subscription service in the Township, is listed on the document at the right of this page, in the Quick Links section.


The Township office is now an official CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) Recycling Center. The box is located in the front lobby of the office. For a complete listing of Recycling Centers in the area, visit the PPL website at and simply click on the green recycling icon at the bottom of the page, and the recycling locator will pop up.

 Rapho Township has a Recycle Yard located at the Municipal Building at 971 North Colebrook Road.  A few reminders when utilizing this facility:  
  • A key fob will be necessary to gain access, and it may be used by Township residents only, and for their residential yard waste.
  • The hours of operation are dawn to dusk, 7 days/week.
  • It may only be used for the purpose of yard waste. Please do not dispose of trash. For example, plastic bags, medical waste, batteries, kitchen waste, flower pots are not permitted in the recycle yard.
  • No grass clippings are permitted.
  • Please obey directional signs for each bay. One bay is for the biodegradable lawn waste bags only.
  • The Recycle Yard is under 24-hour video surveillance.


There seems to be some confusion concerning the Burning Ordinance adopted by the Board of Supervisors on March 6, 2014.  Contrary to previous Rapho Reporter publications, residents may not burn any Designated Recyclable Materials.  Paper and paperboard are listed as Designated Recyclable Materials. Residents may burn woody debris that is used for cooking food, recreational or ceremonial purposes only.


Residents who are Penn Waste customers, are reminded that checks for your quarterly bills should be made out to Rapho Township, but mailed to the P.O. box listed at the bottom of the bill stub. Payments will no longer be accepted at the Township Office.

Residents who are customers of Penn Waste should remember that Penn Waste begins their day at 5:00 am and works until 2:00 pm. Additionally, they use two-sided trucks - one side for trash, and the other side for recycling. They also use two trucks - one for trash and the other for recycling. Please allow a complete work day before contacting the Township Office if your property was not serviced, in the event of any unforeseen problems.

The following tags may be purchased at the Township Office by Penn Waste customers:

  • Extra Bag Tag - $1.25
  • Tire Tag - $3.00
  • Oversized Item Tag - $4.00
  • White Goods Tag - $15.00

Biodegradable Yard Waste Bags are available to any resident - $.30             


Any trash/recycling questions should be directed to: Ena Marie Banks at 717-665-3827 or email

Any trash billing questions should be directed to Melva Kready at 717-665-3827 or email