Emergency Management

Every year millions of Americans face disaster situations that threaten life and property. Emergency Management strives to reduce the impact of these disasters by providing a framework of planning and response that integrates an all-hazards planning process and provides a support system to emergency response agencies.

Rapho Township has appointed Lori Shenk to serve in the role of Emergency Management Coordinator for the township. Lori has been involved in emergency response for over 20 years as an EMT and firefighter, and has served as the township’s Emergency Management Coordinator since 1998. Lori has completed PEMA’s Advanced level of certification for emergency managers and works with local Police, Fire, and EMS agencies, and the township’s Public Works Department, to insure a coordinated response to disaster mitigation is achieved for the common goal of public safety. Lori Shenk can be reached at 717-371-8282 or by calling the Rapho Township office at 717-665-3827.

For further information please click on the links provided for:

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