Voting Districts

Rapho Township has five (5) voting districts. They are Elm Tree, Elm Tree II, Sporting Hill, Union Square and Willow Creek. You can find your voting district here:  
Voter Registration forms are available at the Township office. If you have any questions regarding voting contact the Voter Registration office at : Voter Registration 717-299-8293.

Designated Polling Places:

Voting District           Polling Place

Elm Tree I                East Fairview Church of the                                                     Brethren

                                1187 Fairview Road

                                 Manheim, PA 17545

 Elm Tree II             Crossings Community Church

                                8 S Erisman Road

                               Manheim, PA  17545

 Sporting Hill            Rapho Township Office
                                971 N Colebrook Road 

                                Manheim, PA 17545

Union Square           Mastersonville Fire Co.

                                 2121 Meadow View Road

                                 Manheim, PA 17545

Willow Creek            Laserdome

                                 2050 Auction Rd

                                 Manheim, PA  17545