O.L.D.S. Mandatory Septic Pump Out

Rapho Township has been required by the PA Department of Environmental Protection to enact an Act 537 law. This law requires mandatory inspection/pump-out of on-lot disposal systems (O.L.D.S.) every four years. The Township has determined that the four voting districts will designate the order of pumping.  This means that all properties with on-lot septic disposal systems, including cesspools, are required to pump out during their designated year. If you have your septic system pumped one year prior to your designated year (example: pumped out 2010 and your designated year is 2011), we will accept this as long as you submit a report from the septic hauler verifying the system was pumped.
To document your compliance with this law, the Township is requesting that you ask your pumper/hauler to complete our 3-copy form when they inspect and pump your system. These forms are available at the Township office to any haulers who would like to provide service in Rapho Township.
However, you only have to submit a form to the Township every four years.
During the year of a property's required pumping, the property owner is responsible to return the top (white) copy of the form to Rapho Township. If you have your system pumped more often than every four years, you should keep your forms for your own records in case there is a problem with your system or you decide to sell your property.
Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the white copy of the form is returned to the Township. Some haulers may offer the service of submitting the form on your behalf. If they do not specifically say that they will submit the form for you, you should not assume that they will. Haulers are familiar with our form, and have received guidance about how to help our residents comply with the program.
All treatment tanks, dosing tanks, lift tanks, and any other tanks associated with your on-lot system should be pumped out.
Regular pumping will extend the life of your septic system. Haulers will be looking for maintenance problems that you might not otherwise realize until a major problem occurred. Pumping every four years is much less expensive than having to replace a septic system or connect to public sewer.
Rapho Township appreciates your cooperation with our Act 537 plan. Feel free to contact the Township office if you have any questions regarding our O.L.D.S. management program.