Manheim Downtown Development Group

Vision Statement:

Manheim, in northern Lancaster County, is a community full of “small town” charm, historic architecture and rich local heritage. Conveniently sited at the intersection of PA Routes 72 and 772, Manheim is located on your way to and from many other communities. Working to create, enhance and maintain an economic balance between tourism and local residential goods and services, Manheim is a …

• Local Retail and Service Community – by maintaining and enhancing its residential services, Manheim’s Market Square will become the quintessential “small town” business district. By promoting Market Square as a welcoming and pedestrian-friendly business district, it will be the place to be, to be seen, and to be with others. 

• Historic Community – by recreating a nostalgic business district that preserves and cherishes its historic architecture and local heritage. Manheim imparts its own community character into its seasonal and historical festivals and events, by featuring its local history of glass blowing and its strong connection to the railroad. 

• Regional Specialty Shopping Destination – by capitalizing on its central location connecting surrounding communities – Lititz, Mount Joy, Lebanon, East Petersburg and Elizabethtown, Manheim will direct its efforts to become a vibrant and inviting regional specialty shopping and restaurant destination. A visit to Manheim’s business district will be a memorable experience for both residents and visitors.  
This vision for the revitalization of the Manheim business district will be the catalyst for a dynamic and growing partnership among members of the community, business owners and various local and regional organizations to assure the attainment and sustainability of this vision. 

Manheim…Many of us call it home. To visitors, it feels like home.