Burning of Trash or Recyclables, including yard/leaf waste, is Not allowed.
However the following activities are exempt from open burning requirements:

1. Crop residue, brush, woody debris, shrubs, trees and other natural vegetation generated as an element of any of the following practices may be burned:

A. Agricultural and land conservation and management practices conducted on a farm;
B. Agricultural, horticultural and forestry management practices to control insects diseases and other pests conducted on a farm when approved by applicable governmental agencies; and
C. Land clearing and grubbing during or prior to the process of construction.

2. Woody debris that is used for cooking food, recreational or ceremonial purposes;

3. Debris that is approved by permit for Open Burning by a Fire Marshall, Emergency Services Directive, or the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection;

4. Structures that are used for approved and permitted fires services training activities.

The Township's Yard/Leaf Waste Recycling Facility at 971 North Colebrook Road is open for all Township Residents and is currently accepting all kinds of yard waste and leaves.  Hours of operation are Daily during the daylight hours.
There is no charge to drop off yard waste.